stalkdailyA few reports came out of a possible new Twitter virus making the rounds that will spam, err, tweet  “Dude, is awesome. What’s the fuss?” if you happen to visit the “booby-trapped” website.

But the truth is, nobody seems to know what is the cause of the auto-tweet and updated its website which I posted here.

However, I did a quick check on the site, no iframe whatsover, so, the mystery is yet to be solved. It is more likely that someone has hacked into Stalkdaily’s Twitter account and uses it to spam its followers.

Well, I am not surprise that with Twitter’s growing popularity, we shall see more hackers targeting it with spam or copy-cats and even Twitter-squatting, I guess, that’s the price you pay when you get popular.

One quick tip though, never login to your Twitter account when you are not using it and don’t auto-save the password as well.