The recent massive phone and data outage occurred only yesterday in Silicon Valley demonstrated how easy someone can sabotaged a state or even a country critical infrastructure (not just an electrical grid) if they wanted to, InformationWeeks report.

“Vandals opened a manhole cover, descended about 8 feet and cut four or five fiber-optic cables owned by AT&T (NYSE: T), first in south San Jose and a couple of hours later in San Carlos.”

Hackers or terrorists don’t really need to hack into sophisticated computer systems like this CBS news report said, however, what they really aim for are “low-hanging fruits”, that are easy pickings ie unprotected manholes, that has no firewall protecting it.

Sophisticated groups with malicious intent with a well thought-out plan, could caused a massive disruption to any country’s infrastructure if and when they could organize a well coordinated attack from different angle.

And as this incident showed, to pull this off, it is not very difficult.

Take away? Never overly invest in complex computer security system when the front door’s lock is easily picked. One day, someone could just break down the front door, walk in and cart away all the servers, without even needing to punch a keyboard.

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