Tipping Point tweeted some amazing development as one hacker after another managed to hack all three browsers that were patched to the tilt with the latest patch there is.

Safari was hacked in seconds by Charlie Miller and a German hacker known only as Nils managed to hack all three browsers, unheard of in the history of Pwn2Own contest.

So with the new bug uncovered, will Microsoft delay the release of Internet Explorer ver 8 RTM supposedly scheduled on Thursday noon, US time?

Update 01: Microsoft officially announced availability of IE8 RTM for download. Typical of Microsoft, security is never a priority over product launch date. If Microsoft is serious of security bug on IE8, it should have delayed the launch, get it properly fixed and announce a new date for the launch. A few days of delay wouldn’t hurt, in fact, it gives Microsoft more credibility that its serious when comes to security.