meetyourmsgr021Hey, guess what? Lauren-Ashley, a cute “friend” of mine sent me an email invitation to join her in a social network site call MeetYourMessenger (MYM), cool.

But to read this unread message I have to login to the website which is conveniently provided with a URL link in the same email, hmm….since when I subscribed to this SNS?

Relying on this ruse on unsuspecting users in order to grow a site is one insidious method to ramp up the numbers. Or this is social engineering, a method commonly used by hackers or criminals pretending to be someone in order to get more information from their victims.

The real motive behind MYM is unclear but one speculation is they will harvest your personal details and use them for perhaps other illegal activities, NOT cool.

Btw, do not click on the “unsubscribe” link, just thrash this email away, better still, report it as a phishing email in your Hotmail account.

The company is registered in Denmark since 2006, so, is Denmark a safe heaven where questionable companies can use to operate such websites? One blogger has been warning readers of MYM since July ’07 too.