Recently we encounter another embarrasing case of how some sensitive legal details of the law suit between Facebook and ConnectU got leaked over the Internet.

It’s amazingly simple on how to reveal those information from the PDF file that was made available over the Internet. All you need to do is copy those supposedly redacted document and paste it to another word document, and presto, those sensitive details got pasted.

I can’t imagine how such a simple fundamental mistake of redacting a court document can end up like this which I sincerely doubt that the court lacks basic tools like Acrobat ver 9 to do the job properly.

If you need to familiar yourself how easy it is to redact a document, go over to this Acrobat site to view a 6 minute video on how to do this, it’s so simple.

One cool tool that Acrobat made available is the TouchUp Object tool you can move around the blacken redacted image to confirm the details are really removed.

And another handy tool is the ability to create a Comments Summary document that you can print for proof and for review later.