stalkdailyA few reports came out of a possible new Twitter virus making the rounds that will spam, err, tweet  “Dude, is awesome. What’s the fuss?” if you happen to visit the “booby-trapped” website.

But the truth is, nobody seems to know what is the cause of the auto-tweet and updated its website which I posted here.

However, I did a quick check on the site, no iframe whatsover, so, the mystery is yet to be solved. It is more likely that someone has hacked into Stalkdaily’s Twitter account and uses it to spam its followers.

Well, I am not surprise that with Twitter’s growing popularity, we shall see more hackers targeting it with spam or copy-cats and even Twitter-squatting, I guess, that’s the price you pay when you get popular.

One quick tip though, never login to your Twitter account when you are not using it and don’t auto-save the password as well.


The recent massive phone and data outage occurred only yesterday in Silicon Valley demonstrated how easy someone can sabotaged a state or even a country critical infrastructure (not just an electrical grid) if they wanted to, InformationWeeks report.

“Vandals opened a manhole cover, descended about 8 feet and cut four or five fiber-optic cables owned by AT&T (NYSE: T), first in south San Jose and a couple of hours later in San Carlos.”

Hackers or terrorists don’t really need to hack into sophisticated computer systems like this CBS news report said, however, what they really aim for are “low-hanging fruits”, that are easy pickings ie unprotected manholes, that has no firewall protecting it.

Sophisticated groups with malicious intent with a well thought-out plan, could caused a massive disruption to any country’s infrastructure if and when they could organize a well coordinated attack from different angle.

And as this incident showed, to pull this off, it is not very difficult.

Take away? Never overly invest in complex computer security system when the front door’s lock is easily picked. One day, someone could just break down the front door, walk in and cart away all the servers, without even needing to punch a keyboard.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In what looks like an uphill tasks for Uniloc Singapore and Uniloc USA in their patent infringement case against Microsoft, they finally won the court case and was awarded a princely sum of $388 million for their perseverance.

The most ironic of the whole thing is, the court found that Microsoft has copied  the same algorithm in their anti-piracy software to prevent users to make copies of MS Office or Windows operating system that belongs to Uniloc.

The Federal Circuit concluded that the District Court erred in granting Summary Judgment by failing to credit this admission of Microsofts affiants confirming that the same algorithms at issue were used in Microsofts system. The Federal Circuit also flatly rejected all of Microsofts alternative claim construction arguments.

Uniloc sells a product call Softanchor that does, among others:

  • Prevents the creation, distribution, and use of unauthorized copies
  • Find out precisely who is using your software
  • Whether they’re legal or “unconverted” users
  • Where illegal copies originate and where they travel

Apparently Ric Richardson, an Aussie, now based in Orange County, the creator of the software, and founder of Uniloc, showed Microsoft of his invention back in 1993. So, if only Microsoft would have think ahead and just buy Uniloc back then, they would have save some money (and blushes) before the lawsuit was filed in 2003.

For some reason, an earlier report by Business Times said the award was like $588 mn, but I think the correct figure should be $388 mn, but it seems the jury can still raise the figure higher, if that’s true, it will be a wind fall for Uniloc.

In one of the weirdest anti-piracy commercials I have seen, this one takes the cake. It didn’t mentioned a word on video piracy or warned you like it used to.

Recently Guardian posted eight yester-year anti-piracy commercials.

You can see the contrast of the latest and the oldies, either way, the movie and music industry are still losing the war against illegal downloads, maybe a fresh new approach is required?

Obviously, the current method is not working and will continue to fail. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Microsoft’s Security Response Center (MSRC) announced that there are limited and targeted attacks of booby-trapped Microsoft PowerPoint files being used to download malware into unsuspecting users.

Microsoft call this infected file as Win32/Apptom.gen and the rating given is severe. I do recall that occasionally, I will receive jokes in PowerPoint format and I believe, this is the most common way for hackers to exploit by spreading the malware via  emails attached with jokes in PowerPoint. 

While waiting for the patch to be available, one can use Microsoft Office Isolate Conversion Environment to open any .PPS or .PPT files. Essentially, what it does is, it will forced all the files (in the vulnerable older format) to be converted to XML-based file format before it is open.

Download the FileFormatConverts.exe from the MOICE link and then execute the association command as shown below.



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